HERMAtherm G BPA-free (907)/62Dps/543 16g/m²

Label material

HERMAtherm G BPA free (907)
White thermal paper without protective surface coating (economy quality), FSC®-Mix Credit


Adhesive 62Dps
Permanent, acrylic based adhesive

Release liner

HERMA PH (543)
Honey, supercalendered glassine

Product information

Self-adhesive Material - Issue 02.2024

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Service Information

Useable width Net width Minimum quantity in m2 Stock goods Provisioning Time
1,510 /  2,000 mm
48,000 m²
Coating, about 2 weeks

Self-adhesive Material

HERMAtherm G BPA-free (907)/62Dps/543 16g/m²

Grammage approx. 131 g/m² ISO 536
Total caliper approx. 126 µm ISO 534
Service temperature -30 to 50 °C

Application and use

HERMAtherm G BPA-free is Bisphenol A free and suits well as label material on food packaging and gives excellent representation of EAN and other barcodes.

As economy thermal papers are not equipped with a protective surface coat, they should not be exposed to water or greasy substances. The image may fade over a period of time if applied to surfaces containing plasticisers (e.g. flexible polyvinyl chloride).

Printing speeds of up to 250 mm/s are possible in thermal direct printing.

The surface of HERMAtherm G BPA-free offers a good quality of imprint when solvent-free inks and varnishes are applied. The inks should be suitable for printing thermal papers, consulting of ink supplier is recommended. Basically, suitability tests should be performed under customer-specific conditions as unpredictable interactions with the ink may occur due to the lack of a protective coating.

Web temperature during curing should not exceed 50 °C in order to prevent premature imaging or discolouration.

The pulp for this paper comes from FSC® certified forest management and other controlled sources.

Adhesive 62Dps shows good adhesion specially on packaging films, also at low temperatures. Due to the very high initial tack 62Dps is particularly well suited for high-speed dispensing systems. Because of its multi-layer construction 62Dps shows extremely low tendency for migration and is suitable for direct contact also with fatty foodstuff with limitation (correction factor). 62Dps is less suitable for curved surfaces.

The adhesive has a good aging, heat and light resistance.

The supercalendered glassine is perfectly suited for assignment in labelling machines equipped with optical or mechanical scanners.


Excellent die-cutting characteristics on all customary machines. As part of a self-adhesive compound HERMA PH (543) offers excellent die-cutting characteristics with all customary flatbed and rotary die-cutting tools.

Storage conditions

Storing at a temperature of 20 ± 5 °C, a relative humidity of 45 ± 5 % and a dark storage is recommended. Moisture, heat and direct sunlight have to be avoided.

The shelf life is two years from date of production.

Regulations concerning contact with food

The thermal paper grade HERMAtherm G BPA-free (907) according to the sample material is physiologically and toxicologically safe and may therefore be used in printers and scales for the marking of goods. However, they may only stand in direct contact with those foodstuffs which are washed and/or peeled before consumption (ISEGA Research and Development Institute, Aschaffenburg).

All ingredients of adhesive 62Dps comply with recommendation BfR XIV or FDA 21 CFR 175.105 (Adhesives).

The pressure-sensitive adhesive 62Dps can be safely used for the back coating of labels for the labelling of foodstuffs for storage at room temperature and below. It may be used in direct contact with dry, moist and fatty foodstuffs that can be assigned a correction factor of at least 3 in accordance with Regulation (EU) No. 10/2011. Furthermore, the adhesive may be used for laminating various materials. In this case, cut edge contact with food is harmless as far as the above mentioned adhesive is concerned. It must be ensured that the relevant migration limits are complied with by the laminated packaging (Declaration of no objection valid until 27.09.2025).

Label material

HERMAtherm G BPA free (907)

White thermal paper without protective surface coating (economy quality), FSC®-Mix Credit

Grammage approx. 70 g/m² ISO 536
Caliper approx. 76 µm ISO 534
Tensile strength (MD) approx. 70 N/15 mm DIN 53112
Tensile strength (CD) approx. 38 N/15 mm DIN 53112
Stiffness (MD) approx. 160 mN DIN 53121
Stiffness (CD) approx. 80 mN DIN 53121
Opacity approx. 90 % ISO 2471
Imaging colour black


Adhesive 62Dps

Permanent, acrylic based adhesive

Tack very high
Peel adhesion very high
Shear very high

Release liner

HERMA PH (543)

Honey, supercalendered glassine

Grammage approx. 45 g/m² ISO 536
Caliper approx. 42 µm ISO 534
Tensile strength (MD) approx. 65 N/15 mm DIN 53112
Tensile strength (CD) approx. 25 N/15 mm DIN 53112
Transparency approx. 57 % DIN 53147


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